idée déco installation de verrières séparation salon à paris par un professionel
Wall covering

Wall painting and ceiling.

Artist studio glass wall

Installation of glass walls and workshop door.

Separate the spaces and Preserve the light, the major asset of the interior glass wall.


In large or small spaces, with little or much light, the windows adapt to all interiors.

Thanks to indoor glass walls, it is easy to define spaces to create rooms in their own right without sacrificing light. They bring a small side “artist’s studio” and are infinitely variable. Glass roof, transparent railing, sliding glass panel … are all solutions for decorating rooms with transparency.

Between a kitchen and a living room, to separate the entrance from the rest of the floor, to bring light into a blind room, the workshop-style glass wall is always the right idea when it comes to divide two spaces while bringing in the light and giving a new perspective to your interior.

You want to destroy a wall to replace it with a glass structure? We can realize all your desires: glass partitions, artist workshop doors …

Our expertise is based on advice to find the most appropriate solution and the quality of our achievements.

For this project, we collaborated with the architecture and engineering firm Voglio 8.