Création d'une chambre suspendue et gain d'espace
Suspended mezzanine

Metal structure covered in plywood panels and painted in bright color.

Artist studio glass wall

Installation of glass walls and workshop door.

Wood flooring

Laying of solid oak parquet.

Create an extra sleeping space thanks to a suspended room!

A house, an apartment… is a surface, but also a volume. When the square meters are insufficient on the ground and the ceiling height makes it possible, installing a suspended room or a mezzanine can earn a few square meters and offer considerable space.

To build a mezzanine or a suspended room the dimensions and feasibility conditions must be studied: weight, lift, support, elevation … Your project must be well thought and you must be well advised.

Our expertise is based on both advice to find the most suitable constructive solution for your home and the quality of our achievements. Whether you want to make a mezzanine on beam or suspended, we provide you our know-how to carry out your project.

For this project, we collaborated with the architecture and engineering firm Voglio 8.