escalier bibliotheque sur mesure rénovation paris ile de france
Wall covering

Wall painting and ceiling.

Custom staircase-library

Creation and installation of custom wood shelves.

Optimize the space under the stairs


The space under the stairs is often lost while these few square meters are valuable. The best way to optimize the space under the stairs is to opt for custom storage. The line of stairs and spaces created can add cachet to an interior by playing on volumes, transparencies and different materials.

Opt for a custom library.

For a long time, the library has been a separate room. Tailor-made, it manages to sneak into every nook and cranny: risers of a staircase, the depth of a railing, the full height of a wall, along a corridor …

Our team proposes and installs unique bookcases to adapt to your interior: single, double, angle, under-eaves, solid wood or veneered fine essence or lacquered …

Our expertise is based on both advice to find the most appropriate solution and the quality of our achievements.

For this project, we collaborated with the architecture and engineering firm Voglio 8.