rénovation loft paris luca onesim
Glass walls

Rehabilitation of existing glass walls.

Wood flooring

Laying of solid oak parquet.

Industrial Mezzanine

Installation railing mezzanine steel and wood.

Open kitchen

Installation of timeless and bright kitchen.

Wooden staircase design

Custom staircase installation.

Aménagement d'un loft a paris, idée originale mezzanine
Contemporary railing

Mezzanine railing.

Custom storage

Creation and installation of custom wood shelves.

Roof window

Replacement, installation and installation of roof window glazing.

Framing and Exposed Beams

Insulation and Renovation of Framing.

Do you like large spaces, industrial style, have carte blanche to create a home that suits you?


Before undertaking any interior design work, such as in this renovated loft, a certain number of points must be checked, especially the foundations, wall assemblies and the roof. Depending on the condition of the property, it will be necessary to consider repair work to ensure the safety of the occupants.

Then comes the question of the connection to the water and electricity networks, as well as the installation of the sanitation system. Finally, in a loft renovation, we must not neglect the thermal and acoustic insulation. Good thermal insulation is essential for your comfort; it will save energy when you have to heat your home. The acoustic insulation aims to protect you from outside noise but also from those coming from your home.

Renovate a loft: Choice of coatings, equipment, decoration

The only difficulty in this type of housing: structure the space. Generally, the living room is devoid of all partitions and a mezzanine comes in addition to more intimate rooms such as bedrooms or bathrooms. The secret is to play on level differences!

This type of property having only little openings, it is important to wonder about the contribution of natural light necessary for your well-being. Feel free to create large openings like bay windows or a large skylight. To delimit the space without losing in brightness, you can opt for a glass roof.

Regarding the decoration side, there are many possibilities to refine your interior and give it character.

For this project, we collaborated with the architecture and engineering firm Voglio 8.